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Allix Sarl

Date: 2016

Business: Allix Sarl

Location: France


“The story of our company begins in 1970, when my parents arrived from Normandy. They started it all by themselves, growing different vegetables and progressively, carrots and potatoes became our specialty. I work with my brother, I am the Director and he is the Finance Manager. My brother is in charge of the project we are leading this year (2016): our new washing and packing line.” – Samuel Allix

“I chose Wyma primarily from a technical point of view. We grow our potatoes in a particular soil made of abrasive sand which quickly damages the skin of potatoes. From the beginning, we knew we needed a custom-made way of receiving produce directly from the truck into the Wet Hopper. It allows our potatoes to move smoothly and homogeneously. Then we realized that Wyma have a number of really interesting things in their equipment range, like the Flume Destoner and the Floating Debris Remover on the Wet Hopper. These things attracted us.

Also, compared to their competitors, Wyma’s value for money was appealing. The quality was obvious. We spoke to people from the carrot industry who knew Wyma from their Vege-PolisherTM. Wyma’s quality equipment has a very good reputation. We are a small company so we must invest in equipment that will last a long time. Equipment longevity is very important. We already know that compared to our existing machines, it is a major technological leap. It is going to save us a lot of time. The quality and regularity of the process will now be reliable which was not the case before.

We are happy and very satisfied with this project. We really felt like we were talking to people who were keen to find solutions to suit our technical requirements.” – Jean Michel Allix

“Wyma quickly followed up on any questions we had. Each question was answered during the night, because it was daytime in New Zealand. So the following morning, we often had all our answers! It turned out that we were actually saving time, because when we were sleeping they were working. With emails and modern communication, the time difference became comfortable. We set times to talk in the morning and in the evening. It is funny to think we were more productive being on opposite sides of the world.

The answers to our many precise questions were always fast, detailed and reassuring. Before we chose to work with Wyma, Adrian Head and his team researched solutions to suit us. This really convinced us of their professionalism and the common desire to work together on this project.” – Samuel Allix

Samuel Allix and Jean-Michel Allix, Allix Sarl, France


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