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  • The Wyma Belt Inspection Conveyor conveys potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroots, capsicums and other vegetables or fruit to allow manual and visual inspection.

    The Wyma Belt Inspection Conveyor is built with a durable blue PVC belt to ensure better contrast when inspecting for defects. It also helps to notice any abnormal colours on the table.

    Waste sorting chutes are provided along one or both sides of the conveyor (depending on the configuration of the processing line and platforms) to remove the waste or graded produce. Conveyors underneath the table can be added to transport this waste or graded produce to bins or other processing equipment in the line respectively.

    The Wyma Belt Inspection Conveyors are often used in the fresh vegetables or general material industry to grade prior to polishing, washing or packing.

    For fresh produce with a high amount of dirt, Wyma recommends the use of a Wyma Web Inspection Conveyor. The web allows dirt, debris and water to fall through, preventing these to be carried further down the processing line.

    Multiple size options are available with variable widths and lengths to suit your specific application and capacity required.

    • Blue PVC belt for better colour contrast when inspecting or grading
    • Inspection hatches for easy maintenance and cleaning access
    • Light frame with fluorescent light for enhanced inspection or grading*
    • Stainless steel chute extension attaches to end of moulded plastic waste/sorting chute to provide extra length for chute and to direct produce towards bins/conveyors*
    • Stainless steel in-feed or out-feed chute with rubber lining to gently feed produce onto roller inspection table or other equipment that follows in the processing line
    • Emergency stop pull cord with reset button
    • Variable speed drive which enables the operator easy access to vary the speed of the inspection to his/her preference
    • Stainless steel side panels with dura-galvanised internal frame and mild steel and painted legs, or complete upgrade to stainless steel
    • Integrated motor and gearbox


    * Optional

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