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  • Wyma Belt Conveyors are a gentle means to transport fresh produce and other materials. They are easily adapted to multiple applications and can be customised to suit integration requirements in the processing line. A standard Flexum food grade belt is now supplied on all conveyors, unless otherwise specified. Belt cleats and gooseneck are offered for elevated conveying.

    Wyma conveyors can be laned to separate produce flows and direct it to different equipment. Fixed or adjustable sweeps can also direct produce to out-feed chutes, and can be powered to aid produce exit and increase capacity.   

    Wyma Belt Conveyors can now be supplied with blue urethane tail and driven drums*, an alternative to mild steel, galvanised and painted or stainless steel drums. Blue urethane is a food grade material popular in the processing industry. Beside its hygienic characteristic, urethane offers a high abrasion resistance resulting in a long component life. The smooth surface is free from crevices where bacteria can hold and grow, facilitating the cleaning process.

    • Multiple width and length options available
    • Various construction material available such mild steel galvanised an painted, upgrade of bed slats to stainless steel and/or to include UHMWPE cover, or full upgrade to stainless steel
    • Belt cleats and gooseneck available for elevated conveying*
    • Cage drums and side skirts to reduce debris build up, thus increasing belt life*
    • Single direction travel or upgrade to reversible conveyor*
    • Fixed or adjustable sweeps to direct produce to out-feed chute*
    • Soft drop area for gentle produce handling*
    • Internal and external belt scrapers to clear debris from belt
    • Food grade belt can replace standard conveyor belt*
    • Food grade, blue urethane tail and driven drums*
    • Gravity or star return* rollers to reduce sagging and increase belt life

      * Optional


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