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  • The new Wyma Barrel Washer LS Range provides a cost effective solution to wash vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Produce can be washed partially or fully submerged. As the perforated drum rotates, the vegetables rub against each other and against the drum sides, providing a gentle cleaning action. Rubber agitation bars inside the drum further assist produce mixing to maximise washing performance.

    Soil and fine debris are collected in the small hoppers underneath the barrel. These can be cleaned out via manual or automatic* purge valves. Cleaning bars* can also be fitted to rinse the barrel interior.

    This Barrel Washer is fitted with an elevator which allows you to choose an out-feed height* for your vegetables. It also provides a gentle out-feed system to minimise damage to your produce. For optimal washing results, the barrel washer is usually followed in a processing line by a Wyma Vege-Polisher™.

    Model Max. capacity Length of barrel
    WDA3001 10-15 t/hr
    22-33,000 lb/hr
    3,000 mm
    WDA4501 15-20 t/hr
    (33-44,000 lb/hr)
    4.500 mm
    WDA6001 20-30 t/hr
    (44-66,000 lb/hr)
    6,000 mm
    • Custom designed perforated drum apertures ensure the gentle washing of your produce
    • Manual or automatic* out-feed gate to control depth of produce
    • Durable, robust stainless steel construction*
    • Durable Kevlar reinforced v-belts support the drum to allow full immersion washing
    • Drive system easily accessible and positioned out of the water to extend lifespan
    • Rubber agitation bars inside the barrel for optimal cleaning results and produce clearance
    • Out-feed is controlled via a submerged elevator to gently handle vegetables at high speeds
    • Electronic sensor to control water level*
    • Barrel stabilizer and alignment rollers fitted to ensure barrels remain stable during use
    • Cleaning bars for internal tank rinsing*
    • Light weight, removable side panels allows easy access to internal structure for maintenance and cleaning
    • Guide rollers on elevator belt to prevent sagging
    • Variable speed drives to ensure an even flow and optimal washing*

    * Optional

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