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  • Wyma’s Absorbent Drying Rollers remove excess surface moisture from produce. This reduces risk of bacterial growth and produce degradation during storage, transport and packaging, which will maximise produce shelf-life.

    An Absorbent Drying Roller is made up of rows of sponge or felt rollers to absorb moisture from produce surface. There are brush rows at the in-feed end to flick off excess moisture and provide soft entry for produce. A pintle roller at the out-feed end protects sponges from damage as produce exits. The number of brush, sponge/felt or pintle rows is customised to suit your needs.

    Produce moves along the bed as other produce pushes it forward, so the in-feed speed determines the time produce is on the bed. A roll-out produce clearing device can be fitted to clear produce at the end of a run. A unique squeezing mechanism easily removes water from drying rollers to optimise performance.

    The drive system has a robust, interlaced toothed belt drive which means it has less drive motors compared to other machines on the market.

    Absorbent Drying Rollers can be integrated into a Wyma Flat Bed System. These multi-purpose Flat Bed Systems eliminate the need to transfer produce between processes, saving you time and money. You can integrate brushing, drying, rinsing and/or liquid application.

    Our Flat Bed Systems are modular and have three standard width options. Individual modules have two length options and multiple modules can be combined to suit your site. This means your produce gets optimal contact time on the bed surface.

    Model Rows Including sponge/felt rollers rows* Working width
    DRS/DRF1009 10 7 900 mm (2'11'')
    DRS/DRF1012 10 7 1200 mm (4')
    DRS/DRF1015 10 7 1500 mm (5')
    DRS/DRF1018 10 7 1800 mm (8')
    DRS/DRF1509 15 12 900 mm (2'11'')
    DRS/DRF1512 15 12 1200 mm (4')
    DRS/DRF1515 15 12 1500 mm (5')
    DRS/DRF1518 15 12 1800 mm (6')
    DRS/DRF2012 20 17 1200 mm (4')
    DRS/DRF2015 20 17 1500 mm (5')
    DRS/DRF2018 20 17 1800 mm (6')

    *Please note that this number of sponge or felt rows is customisable depending on required amount of drying, wetness and operating conditions.

    • Modular built for flexibility in functionality (possibility to add chemical application, brushing and spool sizing modules) and to match amount of drying required
    • Multiple widths to meet throughput requirements
    • Latex sponge or synthetic felt drying option
    • Squeeze rollers to apply a constant and adjustable pressure on the absorbent rollers to remove excess water, so that they are dried and fully absorbent when they touch the produce
    • Automatic wiper system to clear produce at the end of a run*
    • Water catchment tray to collect water (can be with/without water recycling system)*
    • Quiet, clean and low maintenance belt drive
    • Side removable shaft for easy maintenance
    • Bolted-on side removable panels for easy and quick access to internal structure
    • Squeeze rollers can be pneumatically operated to control timing of squeeze pressure, which maximises sponge life



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