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Our Fresh Thinking Story

Using Fresh Thinking, Wyma aims to create value for you and your business.

Reduced operating costs through innovative technology and automation, and reduced waste and handling damage through the packing shed

Increased returns through higher pack-out percentage and improved produce consistency to increase customer loyalty

Compliance with legal and environmental aspects such as food and labour safety and water management

Flexibility: A handling solution for multiple produce types, varieties and flowpaths, localised or remote control systems

Innovation: a handling solution to provide you with an edge in the competitive fresh produce and processing industry


Wyma Solutions originated as a domestic manufacturer of agricultural and produce handling equipment in previously known as Linton Engineering in the 1970’s and 80’s in West Melton, New Zealand. The small engineering company was re-named following its purchase by John Wyma in 1991. In 2001, the business was sold to husband and wife Andrew & Angela Barclay who changed the business from a small & pre-dominantly local supplier to a large global company. Realising the potential of the existing technology, the focus went on improving the design and taking Wyma’s products to the world.

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