Wyma and its Water Recycling, Packaging and Palletising Partners

Wyma is committed to delivering and supporting the VAM Watertech, Manter and Symach equipment in Australasia. With more than 20 years experience in post-harvest vegetable handling equipment and solutions, there is no doubt that Wyma is the right partner for customers requiring a customised and reliable water recycling, weighing, bagging and/or palletising solution.


About Wyma and VAM Watertech

VAM logo

VAM Watertech, previously known as VanAntwerp Milieutechniek, is a Dutch company specialising in water treatment technology for the agricultural and food industries. Since its creation in 1995, the van Antwerpen family has developed its range of water purification equipment for growers, packers, processors and retailers. They have also established key strategic partnerships with renowned suppliers to ensure a customised water treatment process for each packhouse and food plant. 

Wyma and VAM Watertech entered a partnership in 2015, with Wyma now the preferred supplier for VAM Watertech water treatment systems in Australia and New Zealand.

The VAM Watertech water purification system is a closed loop process which can save up to 95% of the processed water and provide close to 100% purification level.

A water treament plant may comprise: 

  • A rotary drum filter
  • A sand auger
  • A sand cyclone
  • A lamella separator
  • A flocculator and polymer dosing unit
  • A belt press
  • An ozone and UV applicator
  • A reverse osmosis unit

About Wyma and Manter

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Manter is a Dutch company based in Emmen in the Netherlands. It is partly owned by Volm Companies, Wyma’s long-term distributor in the USA. Through this indirect relationship, the first Manter machine was sold in New Zealand in 2007. The partnership between Wyma and Manter quickly strengthened, and gave rise to a formal Australasian distribution agreement in 2008.  

Since 1995, Manter offers a range of weighing and packaging machinery, specialising in fresh potatoes and other vegetables, and in fruit handling. Customised solutions are also available and have led to Manter supplying bagging solutions for deep-frozen fish, meat and animal feed. Manter's product range includes: 

  • Roll stock baggers
  • Semi-automatic bagger
  • Clamshell filler
  • Wicket bagger
  • Single, double and multi-head weighers
  • Tray and box filling lines


To find out more about Manter's product range, please view their company brochure.

Manter prides itself on high quality and durable machines with low maintenance costs. Since 2012, the company has joined the digital era and its machines can be remotely controlled for maintenance and update purposes.

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About Wyma and Symach

Symach logo

Symach is a Dutch company located in Terneuzen, south west of The Netherlands. Symach specialises in delivering customised equipment to stack, wrap and rotate pallets of bags, cartons and crates. It aims to provide durable equipment that is developed, manufactured and extensively tested in their own factory and backed up by a strong after-sales service.

Symach offers customised palletising systems for bags, boxes and crates across a wide range of sectors such as the industrial, chemical, food and agricultural industries. Its product range aims to create highly presentable and stable pallets and includes:

  • Palletisers of various speeds
  • Wrapping machines
  • Protective corners / strapping machines
  • Pallet rotators
  • Slip sheet dispensers
  • Pallet denesters


Like Wyma, Symach can supply individual components, yet take pride in supplying complete solutions that meet specific customer needs. The equipment is flexible and durable to meet current and future business requirements. It is also supported by a dedicated after-sale team who has the ability to use on-line (remote) software to monitor and diagnose potential faults for a quick return to normal operation.

The relationship between Wyma and Symach began in 2007, and formalised in 2010 with an agreement for Wyma to distribute the Symach equipment throughout Australasia.

The two companies share numerous similarities, both in terms of their history and their business approach. Symach and Wyma have significant experience in their respective field and have established close relationships with their international customers over the years. This has allowed for a continuous improvement in their design, manufacturing, distribution and servicing capabilities, and a specialised knowledge and understanding of the handling and palletising sectors.

About Wyma and Burg

Burg logo

Burg Machinefabriek was founded in 1954 and since then they have been recognised for their reliable and efficient machinery for the Fruit and Agriculture industries. The company has been part of the development in automation in the fruit growing industry from the start and over the last three decades the product range has expanded to logistics machinery in other agricultural sectors as well.

Burg designs and manufactures machinery for all operations from harvesting to packaging and everything in between such as sorting, bin handling, waxing, etc. Like Wyma, Burg is dedicated to providing customers with a total solution for all their agricultural processing needs. Their mission is to excel in providing our customers with the best possible solutions in automation and optimisation for sorting, packaging and logistics of fruits and vegetables.