History and Company Presentation

Wyma Engineering (NZ) Ltd [Wyma] originated as a domestic manufacturer of agricultural and produce handling equipment in West Melton, a small rural town of the Canterbury region in New Zealand. Previously known as Linton Engineering in the 1970s and 1980s, the small engineering company was re-named following its purchase by John Wyma in 1991.

John Wyma: the rotary brush barrel washer technology

John, an ex-farmer, expanded the small potato grading machinery business to also provide washing machinery for a wider customer base in the horticulture sector. Eventually, Wyma grew to design and build complete carrot washing and grading lines for the growing carrot export sector in New Zealand.

John wanted a washing solution for pumpkin. The existing U-shaped brush washers, mostly imported from Japan at that time, could not do work with pumpkins, Due to their shape and weight, parts of their surface would not have contact with the brushes and hence would not be washed. John came up with the idea of using a rotary barrel washer built with a drum of brushes to ensure the pumpkins would rotate and rub against the brushes.A 2.4metre drum with six roller shafts was initially developed. 

Although it worked well, the internal washing drum was a little small for pumpkins. A local farmer suggested using the new rotary Brush Washer on potatoes, so John added six roller shafts to the drum to close the gaps between rollers. The results were impressive, and the rotary brush barrel washer technology was born. Also trialled with success on carrots, the Wyma Brush Washers quickly spread throuhgout New Zealand.


The Barclay Family: Wyma as a global and trusted brand

In 2001, the business was sold to husband and wife Andrew & Angela Barclay who changed the business from a small & pre-dominantly local supplier to a large global company. The company grew from 17 employees and a manufacturing area of 800 m² in West Melton to 100 employees on a new 3,200 m² manufacturing site in the industrial area of Hornby.

Realising the potential of the rotary brush barrel washer technology, the focus went on improving the design and take it to the world. The Vege-Polisher™ became Wyma’s marquee product and established Wyma's name on the international stage. Its exceptional polishing results, its reliability and low maintenance requirements made it the leading washing and polishing solution.

Numerous other strategies contributed to growing Wyma into a succesful international and respected brand. A focus on product improvements and R&D, a solution and consultative approach to designing pack-houses and processing facilities, strong market development initiatives with a large dealer network and strong direct channels to market, reliable after-sales support and effective, reliable and durable equipment have all been contributing factors to Wyma's success.

Today, the company has set up a subsidiary in Europe to provide customers and dealers shorter delivery lead times for equipment, spare parts and servicing. It also allows a strong platform to enable further growth in the European, African and Middle East region. Additional local representation has also been established in Australia, UK and China to directly assist a large customer base.