1T Wet Hopper

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  • The 1T Wyma Wet Hopper provides a gentle reception and storage system for potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other produce requiring delicate handling. It has been purpose-built primarily for growers and packers manually loading bags and wishing to achieve an even-flow for the rest of their packing line. Loading via bin tipping is also possible.

    This wet reception system also act as a soaking facility softening soil on the carrots, potatoes or parsnips and making it easier to remove via the air agitation system (optional). Debris is accumulated at the bottom of the hopper and can be removed at regular intervals via a manual or an automatic purge valve.

    Produce exit via an elevator built with 75mm cleats and a perforated PVC belt to remove excess water.

    The nominal capacity of this wet receiving hopper is limited to 1T.

    Model Nominal capacity Approximate feed capacity Length Width
    HW-01 1 T (2,200 lb) Up to 5 T/hr (up to 11,000 lb/hr)

    3,954 mm (13’)
    (to out-feed point)

    1,582 mm (5’2’’)


    • Durable, robust design with stainless steel construction
    • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
    • Manual or automatic (optional) discharge valves
    • Solid woven and perforated (dewatering) PVC belt
    • Mechanical float valve to control water level
    • Water spray bar to aid produce moving forward n out-feed chute
    • Air agitation for improved dirt removal*
    • Gooseneck elevator for a gentle transition to the next equipment in the processing line*
    • VSD on the elevator to control elevator speed and hence throughput*
    • VSD on air blower to maximise durability*


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