Mini Wet Hopper

Our Mini Wet Hopper provides mid-line buffer storage and an even flow of produce to the rest of your line.



Our Mini Wet Hopper allows produce to be quickly tipped into a water filled tank without fear of damage. Incoming produce can be dirty, clean or semi-clean.

It can be used for mid-line buffer storage or when you want an even flow of produce to the rest of your line.

Produce exits via an elevator. A dual-elevator model is available if you want to divide outfeed produce flow.


  • Durable, robust design with stainless steel construction
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Manual or automatic (optional) discharge valves
  • Solid woven and perforated (dewatering) PVC belt
  • Mechanical float valve to control water level
  • Water spray bar to aid produce moving forward n out-feed chute
  • Air agitation for improved dirt removal*
  • Gooseneck elevator for a gentle transition to the next equipment in the processing line*
  • VSD on the elevator to control elevator speed and hence throughput*
  • VSD on air blower to maximise durability*


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